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Wolfline - A Beginning, A Middle, An End.

take the journey - live the life - love and be loved

31 December 1962
I relocated from San Diego to AZ in 2004 to be with my wife Shelley. We are married now and have since relocated to Albuquerque. We are living close to family and friends who care about us and what is going on with us. This move that was a dream come true!

My daughter Brianna (psycho_kittykat), now 18, is attending college away from home! I am very proud of her and am glad to be in her life again. She introduced me to her boyfriend Jon, who I hope stays a part of our lives.

Shelley and I work from home running a business that I started three years ago, we have two dogs (Daku and Rubi) and two cats (Bindi and Jimba) and are currently making a nice home of our residence in the Northeast Heights area of Albuquerque...